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A strange element about the Knight of Gold (other than its brilliant sheen, obviously) is the way that it conveys no shroud into fight. It is uncommon for mortar headds to be conveyed without cover, as a mortar headd that can’t mount a barrier against other mortar headd units is typically dead meat. Be that as it may, the Knight of Gold races into fight without a shield to demonstrate its ability. Note: While the Knight of Gold may go sheildless it isn’t exposed. The arm monitors are sufficiently thick to repulse laser law and spaads and speids also, in this manner when there’s no other option it can utilize this as a last line of guard if vital.

The Knight of Gold was Amaterasu’s third endeavor at making “a definitive mortar headd” (first endeavor was Deimos Hierarchy’s Water Dragon and the second was Kaien’s Auge) and it is the proving ground for the innovation that goes into the as good as ever Mirage Fleet of the 3000’s. Accordingly, it is an extremely complex machine and is inclined to operational break-downs every now and then. Notwithstanding when it is operational, it is generally glitchy and hard to control, along these lines just awesome fatima models, for example, Lachesis, Atropos and Est are fit for releasing its maximum capacity.

Ladios Sop made the Knight of Gold in light of a demand by Lachesis before she experienced her last programming cycle. Around then, she concluded that she needed Sop for her lord and that she needed him to make a sparkling mortar headd made of gold so they could get “hitched” underneath it. Amaterasu chose to concede Lachesis her demand (the MH, regardless, not really the marriage) and named his third magnum opus the Knight of Gold.

The Knight of Gold will proceed through the ages, going with Lachesis all through the measurements, finaly to convey her little girl, Kallen to the Taika universe. Its assignments finish, the Knight of Gold discovers.
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